Is Debt Consolidation a Loan?

Is Debt Consolidation a Loan?

is debt consolidation a loan

Debt consolidation is a tricky subject for many people. The only time you’d be considering debt consolidation is if you’re in financial trouble. And at that point, everything probably feels overwhelming. You are full of questions. Which debt relief option is best for you? What does debt consolidation mean? Is debt consolidation a loan that you’ll have to repay? If these are questions you face, this blog can help you find the answers!

Is Debt Consolidation a Loan?

Is debt consolidation a loan? In short, yes. Debt consolidation is the process of joining all of your current debts into one new loan. Generally, debt consolidation means taking out a new loan to replace your existing loans with one new interest rate & due date. This process can be helpful for those who are struggling to make payments to multiple creditors each month. It’s also helpful for those having trouble keeping track of different due dates.

For debt consolidation to save you money, you must secure a lower interest rate than you currently hold. Otherwise, you could pay more towards your debts in the long run. Also, taking out a debt consolidation loan without addressing the cause of your financial problems can lead you down the same path of accruing debt – this time with another loan at risk.

But, is debt consolidation a loan all the time, or are there alternatives that don’t require a new loan?

Debt Consolidation with ACCC

National nonprofit American Consumer Credit Counseling (ACCC) can help you consolidate your debt without taking out a new loan. ACCC’s debt management program is one of the best alternatives to a traditional consolidation loan. A debt management program (DMP) allows you to consolidate all of your current debts into one without borrowing more money to pay your existing debts. When you enroll in a DMP, a certified credit counselor at a non-profit agency, like ACCC, will negotiate with your creditors to reduce interest rates, outstanding late fees, and any over-limit fees. Do your research before committing to a consolidation loan or a DMP to find the best fit for you and your finances.

For more information about getting out of debt, contact the certified credit counselors at American Consumer Credit Counseling by calling 800-769-3571.

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