Spring Break Alternatives

Spring Break Alternatives

spring break alternativesSpring break is the best. It’s a mid-semester “pause” button on all of your school-related stress. Hopefully it will help you relax, recharge, and mentally prepare for the remainder of the year. But, going on a big spring break trip isn’t a reality for a lot of college students, especially those with a lot of student loan debt. Rather than go on a trip you can’t afford, try these spring break alternatives.

Spring Break Alternatives

Work for the Week

Whether you’re heading home or staying near the school, if you have a part-time job, see if you can pick up some shifts. This spring break alternative will help you stay busy and make some extra cash. Use the extra income to help you make it through the rest of the semester or pay some bills.

Day Trips

Plan a few activities to keep the boredom away. Take some day trips to visit a friend or do something fun that’s ultimately less expensive than a full blown “spring break” trip. Given that it’s spring, consider outdoor activities! Get some sun and keep costs to a minimum.

Don’t Go for the Full 10 Days

If you’re dead set on going on a vacation, keep in mind that you don’t have to go for the entire break. Maybe go away for a long weekend or go Monday – Friday to capitalize on lower week-day prices. Five days, four nights away is considerably less expensive than the cost of nine nights and ten days. Everything in moderation!

Use the Money to Pay Off Debt

It wouldn’t be a Talking Cents blog post if we didn’t mention this spring break alternative. Why not use the money you would’ve spent on spring break towards paying off debt? Make that credit card payment, or pay ahead for rent, your car, or any other expenses you may have! With inconsistent college incomes, it’s important to make payments while you can.

Make a Student Loan Payment

Yes, it’s possible to make student loan payments while still in school. In fact, we encourage it. Get ahead of the game! While most students wait as long as possible to begin making student loan payments (hello, 6 month grace period!), why not get a head start? Any small amount will help you chip away at your student loan debt and eventually become debt-free faster. Plus, you might save money on interest.

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