Do You Understand Your Credit Report?

Do You Understand Your Credit Report?

understand your credit reportCredit reports might seem really complicated, so let’s make them uncomplicated. Your success in managing credit is reflected in your credit report and score. A credit report is a history of everything you are doing with your credit now and what you have done with it in the past. Your credit report and score affect your ability to get credit and the terms/rates of that credit.  In the process of getting out of debt, it is therefore important that you understand your credit report well. 

Understand Your Credit Report

There are 6 key sections of a credit report:

  • Personal information like your social security number and addresses
  • Summary of your credit information
  • Negative information from courts or collection agencies
  • Trades: a current record of your accounts
  • Hard inquiries made for your credit report
  • Creditor’s contact information

Now let’s answer some frequently asked questions

How do I get my credit report?

  • Visit to get a free copy of your credit report every 12 months from Equifax, Experian, and TransUnion.

What does high credit mean?

  • The term high credit may seem odd, but it just means the highest amount that has been charged to an account.

Where can I find my late payments?

  • The little boxes you see in the Trades section indicate if you have any late payments and shows how late they were.

What can I do If I see an error on my credit report?

  • If you see an error on your credit report, contact the credit reporting company immediately to start the process.

Can I find my credit score on the report?

  • Credit scores don’t appear on your credit report. There are a few free sources, but most of the time you need to buy your scores or access them through another service.

You can find more information to understand your credit reports on the video below!

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