Millennials: Set Financial Goals!

Millennials: Set Financial Goals!

set financial goalsMillennials get a bad rap among the elder generations for their money management skills. From differences in saving and investing to things as trivial as avocado toast, Millennials tend to draw the short straw. We’re not here to take a side, but rather to encourage Millennials to be proactive in their finances and to set financial goals!

Millennials: Set Financial Goals!

Setting good financial goals doesn’t have to be a big production. Don’t work yourself into a tizzy over potential goals. All you need is to have an honest conversation with yourself. If there’s a goal that you know you won’t take the steps to achieve, then consider re-working that goal into something you can manage. Do what you can to set yourself up for success when you set financial goals. Consider these questions if you’re not sure where to start.

Creating Personal Goals

Think about where you are now and where you want to be in 5 years.

  1. Do you want to travel?
  2. Get out of debt?
  3. Own a home?
  4. Have a savings account?
  5. Pay off your car?
  6. Have $X set aside for retirement?
  7. Have children?
  8. Save for a wedding?

What About Professional Goals?

What about your professional life? Set financial goals to guide you in your career path! These questions may help guide you.

  1. What are your salary goals for the next 5, 10, 20 years?
  2. How do you plan to get there?
  3. How much will you set aside from each paycheck?
  4. Will you consider investing?
  5. Is there a specific company/organization that you want to work for?
  6. Is additional schooling required to achieve these goals? How will you pay for it?
  7. If so, what is your student loan debt repayment timeline? Try this student loan calculator to help.
  8. Are you interested in leadership positions?
  9. What steps can you take each day, month, and year to stay on track?
  10. How often should you assess your goals and aspirations?

In short, Millennials, set financial goals! You’ll never be sorry that you took action to prepare for the future. But, future you may regret not starting ASAP!

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