Celebrating Valentine’s Day On A Budget

Celebrating Valentine’s Day On A Budget

valentine's day on a budgetValentine’s Day is around the corner and you are probably wondering how to go about celebrating it the big day on a budget. Celebrating any special occasion need not be expensive. Especially if you are struggling to get out of debt. So how can you go about celebrating valentine’s day on a budget? 

Celebrating Valentine’s Day On A Budget

There are plenty of things to do on Valentine’s day without breaking your bank. Let’s break it down now, shall we? 

Movie Night In!

With the popcorn, soda, movie tickets and the chocolates, your movie night can get quite an expensive affair. Therefore why not turn your own home into a cozy movie night experience as you go about celebrating valentine’s day on a budget? You are already paying for your streaming services. So pick your favorite classic on Netflix this Valentine’s day!

 Put on those skates under a starry night’s sky!

Pack up some sandwiches and thermos full of hot chocolate and head on the skating rink! You are guaranteed to spend some quality time with your loved one on a budget to celebrate your love!

Game Night is a fun way to celebrate Valentine’s Day! 

A game of scrabble or Head’s Up? It’s a fun way to spend your Valentine’s Day! Add some homemade nibbles into the mix and a glass of wine, You are all set to celebrating Valentine’s Day on a budget yet in style!

Homemade Spa! Sounds Good to Me!

Shop around for some bath salts, scented candles, and a bubble bath! You are all set to create your own spa in the comfort of your own home! If you are living a busy life and are in need of a perfect way to relaxation, This is it! Throw in a pitcher with ice water, cucumber slices, mint leaves, and a squeeze of lime to cap off the ultimate spa experience.

Celebrating with DIY means does not imply you are cheap, just that you are a smarter financially! You do not forego the experience or spend a mountain of cash an add up to your consumer debt! In my opinion, it’s a win-win.

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