Tuesday Tip – Advantages of Having a Credit Card

Tuesday Tip – Advantages of Having a Credit Card

advantages of having a credit cardCredit is a key financial indicator of a consumer’s financial health. To put it simply, if you can properly manage your credit, that’s a good sign that you have stable finances. There are also other advantages of having a credit card that consumers may not be aware of. The key, however, is how you use it!

6 Advantages of Having a Credit Card

Credit is essentially a tool for consumers to use. How well they use that tool to their advantage will impact their credit score. Let’s look at some of the advantages of having a credit card.

  1. Rewards. A majority of credit cards have a rewards program, but it is important that consumers do their research and see which rewards cards work best for them. Consumers don’t want to overspend just to increase their rewards points. Depending on your card, points can be earned by buying flights or just putting gas into the car.
  2. Build credit history. Making purchases with a credit card and paying it off each month by the due date is a perfect way to build a good credit history. The better the credit, the more likely lenders will offer good interest rates.
  3. Purchase protection. Credit card companies don’t have direct access to the consumer’s bank account. If a consumer wants to dispute a charge or if their card has fraudulent activity, they are not missing physical money while this process is taking place – as they would if it had happened with a debit card. If there is fraudulent activity, credit card providers should refund all of the money lost.
  4. Sign up bonuses. Credit cards offer attractive bonuses for consumers who sign up, such as a large number of bonus points, free flights, or reduced interest rates for a period of time. Consumers should do their research and see which card they can gain the most from.
  5. Safe for online shopping. Because most credit cards have fraud protection, there is little risk for consumers to lose their money when online shopping.
  6. Can be used in any currency. Credit cards can be used to make purchases in other countries. There will most likely be a small conversion fee with these purchases.

Additional Thoughts

Please keep in mind that you shouldn’t sign up for a credit card if you can’t afford to pay it off in full each month. Otherwise, before you know it, you will accrue credit card debt and find yourself in financial trouble.

For more information on credit or for credit counseling assistance, call 800-769-3571.

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