May Budget Example- Planning A Vacation

May Budget Example- Planning A Vacation

travel and vacation in May budget exampleSpring is in full bloom, and it’s time to budget! Our couple is getting a little restless. Let’s use the May budget example to help them plan a vacation.

May Budget Example to Plan a Vacation

So far, our couple has gotten through a job loss, unexpected expenses and creating a debt relief plan. As things keep moving forward, it’s time to put some fun back on the table. They have been itching for a vacation. Let’s see what we can figure out for them.

While eliminating debt is still the top priority, spending some money can actually help people stay motivated for the bigger goals. But where will the money come from? It’s important to leave the large payment for the student loan debt alone. However there is one another place to carve out some cash!

Fortunately, our couple has been saving for the past few months. There is a nice cushion built up. That means they can take most of the next two months of savings and plan a vacation. This means a total budget of $1,200 for a vacation sometime after June.

Planing a Vacation on a Budget

Here are a few tips on helping you plan a vacation within a budget:

  • Always stick to your budget!
  • Try Groupon or other travel sites for deals.
  • Scale back the trip length to keep costs lower.
  • Research flight dates, times and airports to get the best deal.
  • Rent a house with a kitchen and cook meals.
  • Change your destination if the original is too expensive.
  • Research free activities in the area.
  • Check with AAA or any other membership sites for discounts.
  • Create a separate savings account dedicated to the vacation.
  • Use any connection through family and friends to save money on housing or other perks.
  • Make a mock budget with your priorities. Make adjustments with the real numbers and see what works.

May Budget Example


  • Salary 1: $2,700
  • Salary 2: $2,100

TOTAL= $4,800


  • Groceries: $575
  • Household Items: $50
  • Clothing: $100
  • Cellphones (2 phones): $100
  • Internet & Cable: $125
  • Rent: $1,100
  • Electric: $120
  • Gas: $60
  • Trash: $10
  • Auto Maintenance: $40
  • Auto Insurance (2 cars): $175
  • Health & Dental Insurance: $350
  • Renter’s Insurance: $20
  • Entertainment: $70
  • Netflix/Hulu: $25
  • Gym Membership: $60
  • Student Loan Payment: $875
  • Auto Loan Payment: $175
  • Vacation Fund: $600 (Increase)
  • Pet Care: $75
  • Savings & Investments: $95 (Decrease)
  • TOTAL: -$4,800

Thanks for reviewing the May budget example. Tune in next time for June!

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