4 Unconventional Ways to Save Money For Your Summer Vacation

4 Unconventional Ways to Save Money For Your Summer Vacation

unconventional ways to save moneyWhen it comes to saving money, we’re not all misers and scrooges. It’s difficult to find a place to start. Should you begin by cutting costs, picking up more hours at work or opening a separate savings account altogether? Instead, consider picking up some new habits that are functional in everyday life to save up for that summer vacation! Check out these four unconventional ways to save money for your summer vacation and start collecting cash in no time at all!

Recharge with Sleep

Believe it or not, one of the most sought-after desires even before taking a summer vacation is getting a restful night’s slumber. Better sleep increases productivity during the work day which may cause more opportunities for a promotion or raise at work and lead to a flourishing financial state. Ample sleep has also shown to enhance overall health as well, inhibiting illness and any added medical expenses.

According to the National Sleep Foundation, adults require 7-9 hours of zzz’s per night. Those hours promote a higher level of mental functioning, as well as self-control. In turn, self-control curbs impulse gratification through spending, helps you conduct complex analyses and aids in resisting over-emotional decision making and temptation, saving you money over time.

In contrast, poor sleep may amplify the urge to spend as a way to better your mood or release stress. This includes heading to the local coffee shop for an afternoon pick me up or buying that new pair of shoes to fortify happiness. Sound familiar? You may want to try going to bed earlier, limiting food or drink before bed, or even trying a new mattress.


Unplug to Save On Bills

While you may be feeling some back pain after this tip, it certainly won’t be from the weight of financial responsibility.

While many dispute the negative effects it has on society, use tech to your advantage to save money and energy. Unplug all electronics each night before bed to cut down on your electricity bill each month and watch the savings pile up. Change out energy-sucking appliances or bulbs and replace them with LED equivalents that last up to 25 times longer.  Home energy audits can also help with your energy consumption by providing  free energy-efficient LEDs, water-saving showerheads, faucets, minor foam insulation as well as many rebates to help off costs.

A sometimes lesser known aggressor of high energy bills is the air conditioner. Use smart options that both cool your home and help reduce monthly payments. Take it one step further and install an energy monitoring system to regularly assess the use and effectiveness of lighting or other appliances.

Spending to Build Travel Credit

When used responsibly, the right credit card can be the perfect money-saving tool for your vacation. Travel credit cards are some of the most generous options out there, helping you earn points or miles that can be exchanged for flights, hotel rooms, or other travel expenses, depending on the rewards program. Some travel cards have a hefty annual fee, so be sure that your card’s rewards make up for the price.

If you prefer traveling with a specific hotel or airline brand, co-branded cards will often help you save the most. But even general-use travel cards can offer helpful, money-saving perks. Look for a card with benefits like car rental insurance, lost baggage reimbursement and trip interruption protection to save money in areas you might not consider.

Some cards even offer perks like complimentary airport lounge access, free WiFi access, or free hotel status upgrades. These help you enhance your trip while saving even more.

DIY Your Way to Savings

DIY is currently all the rage — it’s the perfect time to try some projects that will save you money. Instead of tackling somewhat difficult endeavors like furniture remodels or home improvements, focus on tasks that can be accomplished quickly.

DIY shampoo, lotion and bar soap recipes contain easily attained ingredients and help cut down on grocery bills. Make them in reusable bottles to add an eco-friendly twist. If conservation is your thing, there’s also plenty of other earth-conscious ways to save money.

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