Tuesday Tip – Graduation Parties on a Budget

Tuesday Tip – Graduation Parties on a Budget

graduation parties on a budgetGraduation is an important milestone worth celebrating! However, the costs for graduation parties can add up quickly. If money is tight and you’re also paying off credit card debt, student loans, and other expenses, you might not want to spend a lot on a party. Here are some tips for graduation parties on a budget.


Rather than spending hundreds of dollars to rent a room, host the grad party at home. It’s almost summer, so a backyard grad party is a great way to kick off the summer and save money!


If you need to buy decorations, stick to shopping at dollar stores like Dollar Tree. You can buy centerpieces, tablecloths, streamers, and other decorations all for just a buck each! Also, take a look in the garage and see what decorations you can use that you already have. Those strings of lights that only get used at Christmas can look pretty on the back patio in the summer too!


Instead of having the party in the evening, have it in the afternoon so you can put out little appetizers and snacks rather than a full meal. Buying things like chips and dip and other cheap snack options will save you quite a bit! As for the cake, rather than buying from a grocery store or a bakery, try making it yourself or making cupcakes. The ingredients will be much cheaper than store bought baked goods.


If you have some speakers and Spotify or Pandora, you’re all set! Hiring a band or a DJ could cost hundreds of dollars, but why spend that much money when you can play everyone’s favorite songs from your laptop or phone?

Graduation parties on a budget can be memorable and fun, and they don’t have to put you deep in debt!

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