How to Prepare for Unexpected June Budget Items

How to Prepare for Unexpected June Budget Items

unexpected june budget itemsA new month brings new budget challenges. This time of year can be busy. School wraps up and the temperatures rise. While summer fun increases, your budget probably doesn’t. Let’s go over some unexpected June budget items and how to best prepare for all those extra expenses.

How to Pay for Unexpected Budget Items

Budgets should flex, adapt and change as needed throughout the year. They need to shift and react to emergencies, overspending and extra money saved, of course!

Here are a few expenses your budget may have forgotten for the month of June:

  • Graduation Gifts
  • Summer Clothes
  • Extra Gas Money
  • Food & Fun
  • New Fans or Air Conditioners

Next, we need to find ways to accommodate extra costs into the budget. Generally, you need to find ways to save on costs, forgo others, or make more money to manage it all.

Here are several tips to cover unexpected June budget items:

  • Shop for used clothing if you need a new summer wardrobe. Additionally, you can host a clothing swap for a free option!
  • Carpool for long trips to amusement parks or the shore.
  • Split graduation gifts with friends or relatives.
  • Switch to a cash budget for fun items. This can reduce the chance of overspending.
  • Pick the most important things you want to do this summer. Estimate the costs. If you have money left over, you can look for more things to do with it.
  • Find a summer job to generate more income. Furthermore, you can have your teenager get their own job. This can help with all the activities they want to do.
  • Shop at a grocery store that offers gas reward points.
  • Research deals and shop during holiday sales.

Use every trick you can to manage your June expenses while staying out of debt.


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