When Is It Okay To Splurge?

When Is It Okay To Splurge?

When is It Okay to SplurgeToday is National Splurge Day! We’ve all been tempted to splurge before. Usually it’s something we think will make us feel better or help us get through the day. However, if you struggle with consumer debt and are not living within your means, you may want to think twice before you buy something. Is it ever okay to splurge?

Definition of Splurge

Let’s make sure we understand this word. It means to indulge in some luxury or pleasure, especially a costly one. It doesn’t necessarily mean wasting money. Going to a fancy restaurant or going on vacation are luxuries, and not always a waste of money. So how can you indulge and not waste money? Here are some guidelines.

1. Stay Within Your Budget

This is rather obvious: if you don’t have the money, don’t buy it! This doesn’t mean you can never enjoy your life. It just means you have to plan for big purchases to make sure you can cover your necessities. Even if you do make the occasional impulse purchase, make sure you are not going in the red and everything else has been accounted for in the budget.

2. Make Sure You Value Your Splurge

When you make a big purchase, make sure it’s something you actually value. Nothing is more wasteful than splurging on something that adds no value to your life and causes regret or buyer’s remorse later.

3. Splurge on Experiences

The problem with splurging on items is that no matter how many things you buy, there will always be other things you want. You may buy the latest smartphone, but then there will be a newer one you want next year. Focusing on buying expensive stuff only leads to a keeping up with the Joneses mentality, which can be exhausting both mentally and financially. It could leave you struggling to pay off credit card debt years down the road.

However, a splurge on an experience can be way more rewarding. Traveling somewhere new or going out with friends creates lasting memories, which can often be more fulfilling. Just be sure to budget for these trips ahead of time!

4. Splurge Without Money

Sometimes we think an expensive splurge will make us happy. Instead, focus on things that don’t cost money. This could mean spending more time with your family, inviting a friend to your place for dinner, or going for a walk with your dog at the park. Remember that splurging means indulging in a pleasure of yours. There are plenty of activities that make people happy that don’t cost anything!

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