June Budget Example- Saving For A Down Payment

June Budget Example- Saving For A Down Payment

june budget example down paymentResearching major financial decisions is a great way to avoid missteps and unnecessary debt. As we continue on our budgeting journey, it’s time to review saving to buy a home. In the June budget example, we will explore saving for a down payment.

Saving a Down Payment in the June Budget Example

Technically, our couple is suppose to save for their vacation for another month. However, we are going to move forward on our list of financial milestones. Let’s consider their vacation money saved and the goal accomplished.

This month will focus on saving for a down payment. How much down payment do you need? Generally, the larger down payment you have, the better your financial situation will be regarding your mortgage and home purchase. With 20% you avoid PMI. However, there are lots of options for those you can’t come up with the 20%. The quicker you save, the quicker you will be able to start the pre-approval process!

Here is a list of 10 ways to start saving for a down payment:

  1. Eat More Peanut Butter & Jelly Sandwiches.
  2. Get Creative in the Kitchen.
  3. Stop Buying New Clothes.
  4. Bundle Errands & Carpool to Work.
  5. Rearrange Furniture and Decor to Avoid Buying.
  6. Offer Gifts of Your Talents Instead of Buying Presents.
  7. Start a Garden to Lower Your Grocery Bill.
  8. Hang Your Clothes to Dry.
  9. Start a Cash Jar for Change and Small Bills.
  10. Go to the library. It’s free and has great stuff.

Life can get very comfortable with the latest luxuries. However, less money spent equals more money saved for a down payment. There are all sorts of ways you can downsize. Consider the following items to downsize to start saving money for your financial goal:

  • Trade in your car for a cheaper model.
  • Rent a cheaper house or apartment.
  • Downgrade electronic needs like phone plans with data. Stick to Wi-fi or basic phones.

Maybe you have a great deal on your phone or your car is paid off. Evaluate your own situation and do research before jumping into any of these major shifts in your life.

June Budget Example

For the June budget example, we are taking everything from the vacation fund to save for the down payment. While there is still credit card debt to pay off, that debt will continue as planned since the couple’s finances will benefit from getting out of their rental quickly. Therefore, the June budget example for the next few months will work towards saving to buy a house.

Additionally, the couple will be opening up a separate savings account for the down payment. Any extra income or savings will be added to this account.


  • Salary 1: $2,700
  • Salary 2: $2,100

TOTAL= $4,800


  • Groceries: $575
  • Household Items: $50
  • Clothing: $100
  • Cellphones (2 phones): $100
  • Internet & Cable: $125
  • Rent: $1,100
  • Electric: $120
  • Gas: $60
  • Trash: $10
  • Auto Maintenance: $40
  • Auto Insurance (2 cars): $175
  • Health & Dental Insurance: $350
  • Renter’s Insurance: $20
  • Entertainment: $70
  • Netflix/Hulu: $25
  • Gym Membership: $60
  • Student Loan Payment: $875
  • Auto Loan Payment: $175
  • Vacation Fund: $0 (Decrease)
  • Pet Care: $75
  • Savings & Investments: $695 (Increase)
  • TOTAL: -$4,800

Thanks for reviewing the June budget example. Tune in next time for July!

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