Free Summer Fun Ideas From Pinterest

Free Summer Fun Ideas From Pinterest

free summer fun from pinterestThat’s right. I said free. With school out for the summer, the kids will need something to do. And the budget doesn’t change, so what’s the solution? Pinterest! Here are 10 totally free summer fun ideas from Pinterest to keep your budget on track.

10 Free Summer Fun Ideas from Pinterest

  1. Scavenger Hunt
  2. Chalk Art Show or Sidewalk Chalk to Learn About Money
  3. Make Ice Cream
  4. Write a Play
  5. Dinosaur Hunt
  6. Backyard Camping
  7. Car Wash
  8. Make Jelly
  9. Help Your Teen Get a Job!
  10. Hiking

How to Stay Motivated While Eliminating Credit Card Debt

Make a record or visual of your progress getting rid of debt. Even if you are the only one who sees it, keep track of how much you have paid back. A visual representation can be a great motivator, even when it feels like you are stuck in a rut. Use a pad of paper, create an Excel sheet, or use the notepad in your phone to record how much progress you are making. Progress is progress!

Additionally, you can talk to a family member or friend. Keeping your thoughts bottled inside is not healthy. Discuss the struggles of your debt management process and get reassurance. Having a support system is so important to not feel so alone with your finances. Sometimes all you need to stay motivated during debt management is understanding and a word of encouragement.

Finally, think about your goals. Think of the goals you have set up for yourself and how badly you want to achieve them. Keep your goals in mind as motivation in the day-to-day hustle. If it helps, keep your goals in a visible spot in your house, car, or even your wallet for an extra push in staying motivated to become debt free.

While these free activities can be simple, every time you don’t spend money helps. You and your family can still enjoy summer without overspending AND pay off debts.

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