Father’s Day Activities on a Budget

Father’s Day Activities on a Budget

father's day activities on a budgetOn Father’s Day, you want to make your dad feel like the best dad on the planet! You’ve bought him the perfect gift, but now you’re wondering what you actually do with him on Father’s Day. If you’re struggling with consumer debt or staying within a budget, you might not have extra money lying around to take your dad out to a fancy dinner. Here are some fun ideas for Father’s Day activities on a budget!

Father’s Day Activities on a Budget

Check something off his to-do list

Your dad probably has several items on his to-do list that he isn’t always able to get done. This Father’s Day, help your dad out: Mow the lawn, clean out his car, or help him organize the garage. He’ll appreciate the effort, and it costs you nothing!

Take him to a matinee

Does your dad love going to movies? Take him to a matinee! It’s cheaper than going in the evening, and if your dad is anything like mine, he’ll fall asleep if you take him to a movie after 8pm, anyway. Matinees usually cost about 30% less than going to an evening movie, so this is definitely a good option while getting out of credit card debt.

Pack a picnic and go hiking

If your dad loves the outdoors, take him for a hike. Pack a picnic so you don’t have to go out to eat afterwards. Just spend some quality time with your dad enjoying the mountains, forest, or whatever is in your area.

Use coupons for other activities

You can find plenty of coupons through Groupon or other online resources for breweries, concerts, sporting events, or other activities your dad might like to do. There are so many options for fun activities that you can do without paying full price.


Just remember, Father’s Day is about spending time with your dad, not spending a bunch of money! As long as you make your dad feel special, he’s sure to enjoy any of these Father’s Day activities on a budget.

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